Writing A Thesis Acknowledgement: Basic Instructions

Thesis writing is a long process, so students often have to deal with different difficulties in order to complete the assignment. In the world of academic writing, it's a common practice to thank the people who helped you along the way. You should prepare a thesis acknowledgement page. This is a short piece of writing in which you offer your gratitude and acknowledge the help of others.

Some students consider an acknowledgement page as a tricky piece of writing. In truth, you should simply follow the basic instructions provided below in order to finish it without a hitch:

  1. Set the appropriate tone.
  2. The acknowledgement should be brief and specific to those who helped you while you were working on your assignment. You can either prepare a list or prepare a fluid paragraph. It's advisable to compose the list in alphabetical order, so you won't emphasize assistance of some people over the others. If you want, you can address each person more personally.

  3. Remember to thank your supervisor.
  4. The most important person who helped you with your paper is your supervisor. Many students prepare a separate paragraph in which they thank their supervisors for overseeing their research projects, providing valuable advice, and helping in getting trustworthy sources of information and data.

  5. Mention a research group or foundation that financed your research.
  6. If you received a grant, scholarship, or fellowship that helped you complete your thesis research, you should address an institution or fund that supported the study in your acknowledgement section. Make sure to provide the right name of the foundation. If you worked directly with its representative, you should write his or her name and note that they represent a certain organization.

  7. Write more personal thanks at the end.
  8. It's fine to thank your emotional supporters. Most graduate students put personal thank-yous to their family members and friends. However, it's recommended to avoid any declarations of love, personal jokes, and too many details in your acknowledgement page. You can thank for friendship and emotional support while you were working on your thesis. Ensure that your tone of writing is polite and friendly.

  9. Get a good example.
  10. Students who have never written acknowledgement pages should look for good examples. You can find samples in your school writing lab, download a writing tutorial from the website of your department, and get a thesis preparing manual in the library. You supervisor might also tell you where to get a good template.