Dissertation writing help: how to organize your paper properly

The most important aspect of writing a dissertation is keeping your paper properly organized. When a student takes the time to organize their paper, they are also methodically organizing their thoughts. With a clear mind that is well organized, thoughts and information are more likely to be transcribed well across both the writing and clarification the dissertation board will be looking for. In order to keep your paper properly organized, the following steps should be taken:

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement allows the reader of someone's dissertation to understand what will be uncovered in the person's writing. The strongest portion of a student's writing falls in their thesis analysis. The only way to write a well versed dissertation is to present and prove a strong thesis.

Paragraph Structure

The second most important way to keep a paper properly organized is to create a checklist of what will be covered in each paragraph. Every single paragraph written by the student is used to create an easy transition between thoughts while connecting the dots to the larger picture, which is the thesis.

Research Key Points

Ensuring key points are carefully and methodically researched is the third most important way to ensure a dissertation is maintained and properly organized. After choosing which style of citation the paper will be written in, it is important to create a works cited for each topic as it is written. This will allow the writer to have an easier time composing the works cited page at the end of their writing. This also allows the writer to ensure they do not plagiarize anything they write because they have the proof of research as they find it in books and journals or other scholarly sites.


The final most important thing to keeping one's dissertation organized is the conclusion. The conclusion is used as a way to ensure that the thesis is not only reemphasized but shows the transition into how the paragraphs proved and supported the thesis analysis. Upon writing the conclusion, the only other steps a student should need to take is conducted a review and edit of their paper. This allows the student to check on any grammatical or spelling errors and to ensure that they did not get off topic in their writing.