Nursing Dissertation Topics Online Are All the Same

There are quite a few online resources that offer extensive lists of nursing dissertation topics. You can use their help when looking for a topic, but you must understand that these lists are copied dozens of times by different resources. Even if the wording of the topics is a bit different, in essence, the vast majority of them are almost identical.

This means that if you want to use these resources to help with your dissertation, you will need to get creative and look at the problem from a different angle. Nursing is a broad field and there are hundreds of topics one can use for writing a good dissertation. It's not surprising if some of them will overlap.

If you want to write a good and original dissertation, you should focus on finding a unique perspective. The most common topics that are available online might give you some very interesting ideas. So, you can use them for inspiration. Just don't forget that they should be regarded as nothing more than suggestions.

Dissertation Doppelgangers

Quite often students can be accused of plagiarism, because there are published papers similar to theirs. If you find your dissertation's doppelganger in professional literature, do not panic and do not make any hasty decisions. Consult your adviser about how you can make the work more original.

You also need to study both texts very closely. You might think that those two dissertations are doppelgangers. However, upon closer inspection, you might be able to see some differences between them.

Do not forget that even if the other author used the same topic, it does not mean that the work was completely copied and is not an original research contribution to the field. They might have conducted their own series of experiments, used a different approach, or did an original survey. It is common that two people who choose the same topic look at it from different angles.

In the vast majority of cases, students are able to salvage their dissertations by revising them and applying a different approach. Even if the dissertation topics found online are the same, you can make sure that you cover new ground in someone's research and that you proceed with the study by finding a way to go forward and not copycat other's research.

Even when the topic is not unique, your perception of it will be. So, with enough knowledge, ability and hard work, you will be able to write a good dissertation that will stand out.