Looking for top quality dissertation writing assistance

When you're working on a dissertation or thesis in graduate school, a regular writing tutor simply will not do. Dissertations and theses are held to the highest academic standard, and must exhibit remarkably high quality scholarship as well as writing. As such, the average writing instructor cannot provide much insight into producing a high quality dissertation.

This does not mean you should go it alone, however. After all, writing a dissertation is a difficult and often overwhelming task, and can take multiple years to complete in many instances. Rather than struggle through this process on your own, you should find some reliable, expert assistance. There are many places to turn for such assistance, if you know where to look. Below are some places that advanced graduate students can turn to for help in writing their thesis or dissertation papers.

Recent Graduates

Because the academic job market is so competitive, many recent PhD and Master's degree graduates do not immediately have job placement following graduation day. As a result, many stay around their mother institution for a year or two, working as adjunct instructors, tutors, research assistants, and postdoctoral researchers. These people are wonderful resources if you are still in graduate school. They are often willing to provide some advice for cheap or free.

Find some recent graduates in your department and graciously ask them for help and advice with your own thesis or dissertation. Ask if you can buy them lunch or coffee, and pick their brain about your own dissertation project. If the conversation goes well and the graduate seems interested, ask them if they would be willing to proofread your dissertation and make editorial suggestions. Do not feel entitled to this help; be incredibly polite and grateful as you make this request.

Be Willing to Hire Help

No matter who you enlist to help you with your dissertation or what form their help may take, you must be willing to pay for the service. If someone helps you format or edit your final draft, you should reimburse them using an hourly rate. A much more generous rate should be reserved for people who help in the actual writing process. If you hire someone to help you perform data analyses for your dissertation, you should expect to pay upwards of fifty dollars per hour, or perhaps more. Online services can help pair you with professional consultants in the area of expertise you need, should you fail to find a personal acquaintance who is willing to help.