Marketing dissertation topics: be aware of fresh writing ideas

Getting fresh ideas for your dissertation is not as easy as it seems. You need to put in many dedicated efforts to get a unique and engaging topic. Sometimes you have so many ideas but when you research, you find out that someone else in the past has already used them. If you really want to have latest and trending ideas for your custom dissertation on marketing then you might have to give it more time than you expected and do some more efforts


The best way to bring your ideas into execution is brainstorming. The process is very simple. You need to take start by taking a deep breath and freeing your mind from all the worries and relaxing. Take a pen and paper in your hand and start writing everything that comes to your mind. Do not stop or reject any idea. Let the thoughts flow. One thing will lead to another and you will soon have a good topic for your dissertation

Do your homework

Before you actually choose a topic by yourself, it is a good idea to search for trending marketing dissertation topics. You can do this by going to your college library and search all the dissertations previously written in this area. You can simply go to the web, type your required querry in your browser, Choose from hundreds of results, and go with the ones you like. The problem with getting ideas from the web is that they may not be unique and someone else can approach them as well

Get help from a friend

Ask your friends and classmates if they have decided their marketing dissertation topic and are ready to help you. They might give you a hint or a clue to start with and you can do the rest

Ask help from your professor

You can always get help from your professor. If you are on good terms with your teacher and you are fortunate enough to be one of his favorites then you can get loads of help from him in the dissertation writing process. This is possible if you have respected their opinion in the past and stayed active in the class rather than yawning at the backbenches

Cut out irrelevant topics

After the research and brainstorming and asking everyone around you will have a list of ideas to choose from. You can cut out the ones that seem irrelevant to you and start refining your ideas one by one