Conducting a good research

A good dissertation is normally inspired by the activities of other people in the same field. This calls for a lot of research for deeper understanding of the field or question(s) to be handled. Researching has its code of conduct too. It should not be done haphazardly lest it attracts penalties for plagiarism. The following are the various factors to be considered while conducting a research for a dissertation.

Research statement

The first step while considering to write a research paper is writing a clear statement on research aims of the paper. They should be followed by the research question which has been developed and derived from the aims of the paper. The participants in the research should be clearly mentioned in the paper. The research should then be written in a very clear and comprehensive manner.


A good research should have a clear cut methodology on how the research was done. If the data relies on statistics taken earlier on, it is important to mention the kind of conditions the statistics was gathered on and a quantitative analysis of the data can be very useful. For a research paper to be successful, proper resources should be pumped into it. Human and financial resources will be very important for the research and its analysis.

Zero Bias Policy

A good research should be done in a much unbiased manner that ensures the end results and data are not affected by those who collect the data in any way. Morals and ethics should be observed while carrying out data collection. If the data analysis outcome does not come out as was hoped for, it is important to state the facts on the ground as they are. What was hoped for can also be included and the reasons why the results did not come across as hoped for.


Most people forget to train the people on the ground busy collecting the raw data. It is important to train them because the data and the end result may be compromised due to ignorance. The research assistants should have a prior knowledge in the field or a prior experience. The dissertation paper should eventually be well cited in case any specific sources were in form of literature. It is common for a research paper to cite what other scholars have to say about the paper as long as the work is properly cited and acknowledged. At the end, the research paper should be of policy making quality and should have a clear conclusion derived from the data.